DRS RealTime DRS Real Time

The DRS Real Time tool is a web based resource that works in conjunction with DRS (Doctors' Rostering System) to help users produce rosters that take into account factors such as annual leave, shift swaps and unexpected absences

Producing sustainable rosters that ensure there is a better balance of staff available throughout the day, compliance with the European Working Time Directive (EWTD) 2009 and giving staff a better work/life balance are the main benefits of DRS Real Time

The tool originated through a partnership between Skills for Health and NHS North West (led by Dr Jennifer Harrop of the Junior Doctors' Advisory Team), and was developed & piloted at Manchester Royal Infirmary with consultant acute physician Dr John Bright and medical staffing coordinator Anna Finbow.

DRS Real Time Help & Support
Please see the tables below for guidance on where to direct your query.

Doctor Users (for viewing roster details)
Query: Contact:
Doctor log-in / password issues, and general queries Please speak to your trust contact responsible for managing the roster in question.
For technical issues (error messages, unexpected system behaviour etc) SfH Tools Helpdesk

Trust users (for creating and managing rosters)
Query: Contact:
To request a new trust-level account If your trust currently already uses DRS Real Time further requests for additional accounts should be sent from an existing trust user to the SfH Tools Helpdesk, with the name, email address and contact number for the new user.

If your trust does not currently use DRS Real Time please contact the Skills for Health Tools Helpdesk to register your interest in the tool.
Forgotten password / log-in issues, and other technical/general issues SfH Tools Helpdesk

Skills for Health Tools Helpdesk

Tel: 0844 770 3770